Reminiscence Painting – Marvel Trading Cards

I should probably get this thing rolling after having it up for so long. My aim is to journal my progress as an artist, to share my works, and to share any other bits that I wish to share at the moment. So let’s start off my blog with a finished piece — more to come in the future!

I initially wanted to do something regarding the Avengers, due to the new movie coming out, and seemed to remember these Marvel trading cards I had when I was a kid done by Julie Bell and Boris Vellejo. I mean these things were hot back in the day — all of my friends had them, even though there was no game based around it; they just the comic character’s stats and some excellent artwork to accompany. I remember being amazed though at some of my favorite comic book characters being brought to life with such depth and helped to instill the love of art that I have today.

So with that I wanted to reach further with my art, so what better way to challenge myself with painting a study from one of my favorite fantasy painters, Julie Bell circa 1993.

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